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Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills for parents and their children

A programme built from experience

Our extensive programme and modules are aligned with our framework, developed over the last decade in partnership with leading educational institutions.

Built around our 11 years of experience working with the top organisations and schools around the world, SILC Family Travels provides families and friends with the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills, goal setting, time management techniques and to collaborate more effectively in teams, all while enjoying a vacation in a variety of stunning locations.

The programme integrates learning outcomes with fun group activities and outdoor challenges by positioning activities alongside feedback and evaluation provided by our dedicated trainers and guides.

Remember – while the nature of our programme is designed to deliver these outcomes, the most important thing is for you to come together with your friends and family for an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime!

Key outcomes

As well connecting with family and friends, your bespoke programme delivers outcomes in the following areas:

Time management and leadership

Manage time and resources effectively by setting short and long term goals, make constructive choices and learn everyday by effective self evaluation.

Communication and interpersonal skills.

Enhance communication skills in the areas of public speaking, presentations, media training, effective conflict management and university applications and interviews.


Develop personal talents, experience different team roles, motivate members of the team and create synergy while achieving results.

SILC Family Travels

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