Bespoke programme

Make the experience your own

Get together for an all inclusive programme

Your personal concierge will help you to plan the ideal experience for your family and friends. Choose from an extensive list of activities, modules, workshops and additional services to build a programme with the perfect mix of adventure, learning and relaxation that caters to your family’s every need.

Build a programme that works for you

Your all inclusive bespoke programme includes a stay at one of our 5-star luxury locations, or a location of your choosing, travel to and from the airport & to all activity locations, and full catering for the duration of your trip. Our professional and experienced staff are on hand to cater to all of your needs to make sure that all you need to worry about is having a great time with your friends and family.

You can select an array of additional services, including:

  • Personal security to ensure your privacy and safety
  • Additional insurance for absolute peace of mind
  • A private chef to prepare delicious meals suitable for all dietary requirements
  • Babysitting with fun activities for the youngest members of your family
  • A professional photographer to capture your entire trip and provide you with a wonderful album to remember your experience for years to come

Connect with friends and family

The activities and modules are broken down into three different layers

Explore the programme

All programmes include a mixture of modules – adults only, children only, and activities for the whole family, to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their trip.

Group sizes start at 10, making SILC Family Travels perfect for family reunions and groups of friends, or you can join one of our mixed groups and meet some great friends.

Your concierge will provide you with a full list, along with guidance on how to craft the perfect itinerary for your family and friends.

Most modules can be adjusted to fit with any group combination, so if you want to take your whole family rock climbing, just let us know and we will make it happen!


Plan your adventure

Below is a small selection of the activities and modules on offer for adults, children, and mixed groups.

Adults together

A combination of exciting and relaxing activities, enjoy some well-deserved adults only time with your friends and family.

Vineyard Tour

Explore a traditional family-owned vineyard, learning about the wine making process, and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine overlooking the beautiful Swiss countryside.


Children together

Guaranteed to keep the young ones entertained and challenged all day, these activities are perfect for having fun and learning some leadership skills along the way.

Leadership Workshop – Communication
Communication and presentation module with role playing and analysis of presentations. Games played include The Interview, the Zoom Game and the Chair Game.

Rock Climbing
Outdoor or indoor rock climbing depending on weather and your chosen location, together with mountain guides. Tours are suitable for all fitness and experience levels.

Glacier Day – Snow Challenges
Learn from mountain guides how to plan expeditions and build igloos in the snow. Following that, go sledging down the slope, racing to see see who can go the fastest!

Glacier Day – The Big Search
Learn from professional mountaineers how to plan expeditions and rescues, and practice a simulated rescue in the snow using beacons. Includes a tour between 2 peaks with views of the famous Matterhorn & Mont Blanc, where you will learn about global warming and the impact on glaciers.

Whole family and friends

Come together as a family and connect with your friends with these modules designed to include all ages.

Chocolate Workshop

Make your own luxury Swiss chocolates with a master chocolatier!

Mountain Hike & First Aid
Mountain hike together with a guide offering breathtaking views, wonderful lakes and pure nature. Explore leadership through first aid techniques in the mountains & fun team games.

Torch walk in the village
A light walk through the village with fire torches to a beautiful view under the stars.

Unleash your inner William Tell and compete with your family and friends as your practice your archery skills with the help of professional instructors.

Learn about survival in the outdoors and build shelters and fires in the forest.

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